2007 JOGO CFL Short Print Sets


Product Overview

Complete your 2007 Jogo CFL collection with the newly-released 2007 Jogo Rookies and Short Print sets. Both the 2007 Rookie and short print sets have full color photos on standard size cards that were not included in the 2007 Jogo regular issue sets. The 2007 Jogo Short Print set is comprised of 15 cards (1SP-15SP) and includes players such as Jarious Jackson (Notre Dame), Michael Bishop (KSU), T.J. Acree, Charles Roberts and 11 other top CFL players. The 2007 Jogo Rookie set contains 14 cards (1R-14R) including Jarrett Payton (Walter Payton's son), Patrick Johnson, Zeke Moreno, David Lofton, Timmy Chang and 9 other promising CFL Rookies. The production run on both sets was extremely limited. Order today to keep your Jogo CFL collection up to date.

2007 JOGO Short Print Set (15 Cards) $39.95