1984-91 O'Connell & Son Ink Series #4 Set


Product Overview

We recently acquired the limited remaining stock of these sets directly from the original producer. This hard to find set features pen and ink drawings of some of baseball’s all-time greats. Card fronts feature an image of the player along with his name and card number. Card backs are blank. Series 3-7 are standard sized cards, with Series 2 slightly larger. Each series features a mixture of black and white and colored backgrounds. A very limited number of these cards were produced. Available by series or as a set. The third series of this set is much
more rare and harder to come by.

Highlights of the stars featured include: Series 2: Berra, Musial, Banks, DiMaggio, Clemente, Snider, and Schmidt; Series 3: Clemente, Williams, Ripken, Cobb, Ruth, J. Robinson, Gehrig, and Mantle; Series 4: Kaline, Rose, Clemente, Mays, Rose, J. Robinson, Mantle, and Aaron; Series 5: Mantle, Munson, Aaron, Bench, Bench, Wagner, Mays, and Gehrig; Series 6: Colavito, Rose, Campanella, Fidrych, Joe Jackson, and Musial; Series 7: Sandberg, Mantle, Ryan, Yount, Ripken, Musial, and Ken Griffey Jr.

For full list of this series click on the second photo.

Series Four (36 cards) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$39.95