1941 Goudey Reprint All Color Sets

Was: $27.80
Now: $16.00

Product Overview

Goudey’s 1941 releases were a final effort from a company that gamely made a go at selling cards in the ‘30s. The beginning of World War II ended any real chance for the Goudey name to continue, and by the time the war ended, the Goudey name — in terms of card sets — was no more. Goudey tried four versions of its ‘41 product. The releases feature black and white player photos silhouetted against a solid color background (the four background colors were green, red, yellow, and blue). Each set is comprised of 33 cards and is extremely hard to find today. All four colors can be purchased together, now at a low special price! Normally priced at $11.95 per one-color set.

All 4 Different Color Sets (132 Cards) SPECIAL $19.95 — Normally $27.80