2004 Topps Total Football Unopened Box


Product Overview

Topps Total Football features the biggest and most comprehensive line-up of NFL trading cards. Each year of Total football has all of the top stars and feature many rookies ready to get in the game, 145 for 2003 and 110 each for 2004 and 2005. The 2003 set features 695 players on 550 cards, while the 2004 set has 595 players on 440 cards, the 2005 set has 900 players on 550 cards. Topps Total Football is by far the best and most complete NFL card set on the market today. We have Total football available in both professionally hand collated sets and unopened boxes. Each unopened box contains 36 packs with 10 cards per pack and offers several chase cards. We also have chase card sets available.

2004 Topps Total features Donovan McNabb, Randy Moss, Hines Ward, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Brett Favre, and rookie cards of Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, Steven Jackson, Ben Roethlisberger, and Larry Fitzgerald.

2004 Unopened Box (36 packs, 360 cards). . . . . . . . $50.00