1969 Senators Reunion Official Baseball Set


Product Overview

Created exclusively for the 1969 Washington Senators
Reunion, this color card set features original artwork of
all the players in attendance as well as Nats announcers. Included are Ted Williams, Bernie Allen, Hank Allen, Ed Brinkman, Casey Cox, Mike Epstein, Jim French, Fred Valentine & more plus a handsome checklist. The set was available at the reunion breakfast only – in uncut sheet form. Now through this offer you can purchase the set in cut down form (2-1/2” x 2-7/8”, similar to Heads-up cards of the past) packaged in a reclosable plastic sleeve sealed with an attractive gold foil Washington Senators logo sticker. Cardbacks feature statistics, trivia, and player biographies written by WTEM radio personality Phil Wood.

Complete Set (28 Cards) $10.95